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Playing TRIZ - Games and Cases for Learning and Teaching Inventiveness

Volume 1

Thurnes, C.M.; Hentschel, C.; Zeihsel, F. (eds.)

Kaiserslautern: Synnovating 2019 184 S. ISBN: 978-3981549348

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Links regarding Games and Cases of Vol. 1:

GamiTRIZation - Getting into ludic TRIZ interactions; Hentschel, Thurnes, Zeihsel

Some links from the references:

The Sticky Tape Game - A ludic interaction (not only) for Smart-Little-People (model) in TRIZ; Hentschel

Some links from the references:

The wast(e)riz Game - Lean experts playfully learn TRIZ; Thurnes, Zeihsel 

Some links from the references:

LOBIM Board Game - Bionic Innovation based on TRIZ; Eckert

TRIZmeta - A Game Of Rules For Breaking Rules; Mann, Faulkner

Some links from the references:

The 40 Inventive Principles, Simplified & Gamified - How Inspiration Cards Help You Teach & Create; Pahl

Some links from the references:

  • Pahl, A-K. (2016) The Saurus: A Stupendous Compendium of Potential Analogies for Inventive Thinking that Riffs On The 40 Best Answers Man & Nature Ever Had For Any Problem. The Future of Inspiration CIC. 
    this book will also be available as kindle and paperback on Amazon from Sept 30, 2018, see

  • Pahl, A-K. (2017) DIY Inspiration Cards. A Future of Inspiration Mini Training. Available at


The Innovation Map - Making TRIZ make sense in Schools and Make Money for Corporates; Pahl

Some links from the references:

  • Pahl, A-K (2017) The Map of Creation, A Course available at .

  • Pahl, A-K., Newnes L.N. & McMahon, C. (2007) A Generic Model for Creativity and Innovation: Overview for Early Phases of Engineering Design. Int. Journal of Design Research 6 (1-2), pp. 5 -44. Available from

  • Pahl A-K. (2011) TRIZ, Buddhism & The Diamond of Innovation: Applying the Structure and Mechanisms of the Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving and Vajrayana Buddhist Meditation to Innovation in Engineering Design. PhD Dissertation submitted at the University of Bath. Available from

TRIZ Puzzle Z - A Mobile Puzzle Game for Learning 40 Inventive Principles of Problem Solving; Tan, Ali, Cheong

Titanic TRIZ - A universal Case Study; Domb

Some links from the references:

The Broken Table Case - How to use natural resources; Mayer

"Failure is not an option" - Apollo 13 case study Structured Innovation; Nagel, Stöckert, Defounga

Some links from the references:

The Rollercoaster Case - Demonstrating TRIZ tools on a fast Example; Mayer

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Umbrella 5.0 by children - A TRIZ competition without losers; Thurnes

Comparative TRIZ workshop - Learn which TRIZ problem solving tools give better results to a given problem; Adunka, Dobrusskin

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